About us

“SPIEL DE TROIS” – music project by composer, multi-instrumentalist Alex Spielman , where the sound dialogue between three talented musicians, charismatic conference, interactive communication combined with elements of the show create an incredible atmosphere of truly “live music” and “live music”. between all participants in this action. And the chamber format of the concerts further promotes casual communication, and allows you to really feel the music.

They are young and energetic, they are not afraid of experiments and know exactly how to please even the most demanding music lovers. The band’s repertoire is extremely wide – it’s classics in original arrangements and multi-ethnic folk in the author’s arrangements, works in the style of A. Piazzolla with inflammatory tango rhythms and impressive original compositions with a share of conceptuality.

Along with traditional violin, cello, accordion, piano, guitar, double bass, which are mixed according to the composition of the trio depending on the theme of the concert, the musicians create new timbre combinations, using a variety of instruments such as harmonicas, Irish whistles, organ and bagpipes. and an unusual power tool – thereminvox.